Infographic A Breakdown Of Birth In The U.S.A

Infographic A Breakdown Of Birth In The U.S.A

1 Person is Born Every 7.4 Second in The United States.

Each Year, The U.S. Spends over $50 Bullion Dollars On Childbirth. This Is More Than Any Other Nation In The World.

A 24-Hour Hospital Stay, Uncomplicated Delivery In The U.S.A. Costs Anywhere From $8,000-10,000. This Cost Doubles For A C-Section.

Of The 4.3 Million Babies Born Annually In America, A Mere 5% Represent Natural Childbirth.

America Ranks 29th In The World For Its Infant Mortality Rate, The Number Of Babies Who Die In Their First Year Per 1,000 Live Births, Meaning The U.S. Loses More Babies Than 28 Other Nations Per Year.

1 In 5 Births In The U.S.A. Are induced. 40% Of Women Surveyed In 2002 Reported Their Doctor Wanted To Induce. Only 16% Reported Medically-Indicated Reasons.

There Are An Average Of 4.3 Million Newborns Annually In The U.S.

1 In 100 Are Born To A Mother Aged 10-19.

4 Out Of 10 Mothers Are Unmarried.

The Average Age For A First Child Is 25 Years Old.

Nearly 8 Million Babies Are Born Every Year With A Birth Defect. ( 1 In Every 33 Babies)

Frequency Of Multiple Birth

  • Twins 1 In 31
  • Triplets 1 In 723
  • Quadruplets 1 In 11,700
  • Quintuplets 1 In 47,441

Hair Color (In America)

  • Brown (70%)
  • Blonde (15%)
  • Black (10%)
  • Red (5%)

Education Level Among Mothers

  • High School Graduate (27%)
  • Some College (20%)
  • No High School Diploma (18%)
  • Bachelors Degree (17%)
  • Graduate Or Professional Degree (10%)
  • Associates Degree (8%)

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